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ESIS President: Third-Party Administrators to Profit From Cost Controls, Higher Risk Retentions

Read Jim Shevlin's insights about developments in third-party administration, challenges for the market and ESIS' future prospects as it celebrates its 70th anniversary. 

Risk Management Insights: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a TPA for Your Captive

Get to know Dan Garrett, Claims Vice President

Chubb Appoints Jim Shevlin Division President of ESIS, Inc.

5 Things to Know About Effective Claims Management for OCIP and CCIP Programs

ESIS Appoints Brett Wilson Head of Integrated Absence Management

5 Things to Know About Improving Claim Management for Staffing Companies

Risk Management Insights: 5 Things to Know About Strengthening Risk Management Programs for Real Estate Portfolios

Risk Management Insights: 5 Things to Know About How Technology Can Improve Absence Management

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Risk Management Insights: 5 Things Healthcare Organizations Should Consider When Preparing for a Post-Pandemic World

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Risk Management Insights: 5 Things to Know About Mitigating NY Labor Law Exposure

Hazardous Waste Reporting Requirements

Counterfeit N95 Respirators

Misrepresentation of NIOSH Approval.

Is litigation affecting your company’s brand, reputation, and bottom line?

ESIS can help reduce litigation and the associated costs. 

ESIS joins forces with Chronovo

ESIS joined forces with Chronovo to offer enhanced structured settlement options

Are your claims benefiting from the right clinical intervention and guidance at the right time?

ESIS Clinical Resource Nurses are embedded in our claim protocol to provide insights and recommendations at no extra cost.

Speed injured workers' recovery

ESIS’ telerehab provides quality care, convenience, and easy access for injured workers.

How Re-evaluating the Claims Handling Process Can Improve Outcomes

ESIS president, Keith Higdon, discusses how TPAs and risk managers have an opportunity to move away from incremental improvements and drive significant change by embracing a new approach to managing workers compensation claims.

Do you have workers compensation claims impacted by pre-existing conditions?

ESIS has a reliable, defensible diagnostic solution.

Considering a higher level of risk retention for your Canadian claims?

ESIS' Third-Party Claims Administration is designed to help you reduce your total cost of risk. 

Expert Healthcare Liability Claims Management from ESIS ProClaim SM

Because professional healthcare liability claims require clinical professionals.

New ESIS Workers Compensation Solution Helps Streamline Claims Processes and Provides Efficiencies for Employers and Employees

Reduce your total cost of risk in Ohio with ESIS Ohio State Fund solution.

Looking for a better telemedicine solution?

Telemedicine can begin with your internal clinicians providing initial triage.