ESIS utilizes internal and external resources to monitor and stay informed about legal and judicial changes. When these changes occur, we review, research, and disperse necessary information regarding these changes. ESIS informs and educates our clients and internal staff regarding the substance and impact of legal and judicial changes, as well as the responsibilities on the part of ESIS and our clients.

ESIS Workers Compensation Legal and Judicial Update – Tennessee Workers Compensation – Effective October 19, 2021

ESIS Direct Deposit Form and Authorization Letter to Claimant - NY

The PAID Act and Its Impact on Section 111 Medicare Query Process

Employer Responsibility to Report COVID-19 Outbreaks to Third Party Claims Administrators Under California SB1159

ESIS Regulatory Update - Comment Period for Proposed CMS Changes to Method of Calculating Section 111 Penalties

ESIS Legislative Update – California Workers Compensation – Effective January 1, 2020

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