As Claims Vice President, Dan Garrett leads the workers’ compensation claims segment at ESIS, working closely with clients and staff to develop and deploy claims strategies, oversee client service, and launch new products and services.  Here, he discusses his background, what makes the ESIS approach to workers’ compensation claims standout, and why he finds his work at ESIS so rewarding.

Get to Know Dan

How did you begin your career in insurance?
When I graduated from college in the early 1990s, it was a difficult job market. I took a job at ESIS (back then owned by CIGNA). They were looking for workers’ compensation claims adjusters, so that’s the area I landed in. I went through an excellent training program that gave me a great foundation, something I’ve always remembered and valued and I’m committed to carrying on with our staff today.

What separates ESIS’s approach from that of other TPAs?
Two things: First, our claims services and strategies are highly customized to each client’s specific needs. Second, we are very focused on producing measurable results for our clients. We set Key Performance Indicators to measure the results we achieve for our client, and we are transparent, sharing these results with our client as we work together to continually improve client outcomes.

What is one of the greatest challenges you see in the industry?

Across all industries, companies are having difficulty hiring and retaining talent. We place a major emphasis on hiring the best people and retaining our adjusters. We are continually developing our professionals, always looking at who is ascending into the next role and providing opportunities for growth. We have an excellent training and development program called ESIS Edge that enables us to build and maintain a deep bench of talent throughout our ranks.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?

Working with a great group of people to provide solutions for another great group of people – our clients. We are there with our clients, and their injured workers, when they face difficult times. Back when I was starting out as an adjuster, it was all about collaboration. Now as a leader of the workers’ compensation segment at ESIS, it is no different. We are working closely together, building relationships with each other and with our clients., We are  a trusted partner to help them and their injured employee through difficult times. At the core, we are people helping people, and it’s very rewarding.

Lightning Round

Years in the Industry: 32

Years with ESIS: 32 (with ESIS and its predecessor companies)

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

What you don’t leave the house without: I have borrowed a task suggested by former Navy Seal Admiral William McRaven: I don’t leave home unless I have made my bed. It is a nice small task to start the day and sets the tone for many additional tasks to follow. It is also nice to come home to a well-made bed after a long day.  

The best advice you ever got: The one thing you can count on is change. Nothing remains static, so expect something new and challenging each day and work to find solutions.

What you would tell younger employees entering the insurance industry: Continually challenge yourself and look to take on new projects and opportunities so you are always growing and developing. We all have areas that we can focus on to improve; know what yours are and work on them. 

Final Thought

“I do believe that data-driven insights, unparalleled expertise, and empathy are the critical ingredients in driving the best possible outcome in workers’ comp claims. Within ESIS, we work to marshal all of these, with our advancing systems, our seasoned claims teams, and innovative programs like ESIS Cares, which reshapes the workers’ compensation claims paradigm to provide support not only for our client, but for the injured workers who may need answers, encouragement, and insights to help them return to their normal work life and home life as soon as possible.”

If you’d like to get in touch, Dan can be reached at

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