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Find out what ESIS has been up to. Read our latest articles and regulatory bulletins, and find out what industry events we will be attending.

Legal and Judicial Updates

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ESIS utilizes internal and external resources to monitor and stay informed about legal and judicial changes. When these changes occur, we review, research, and disperse necessary information regarding these changes. ESIS informs and educates our clients and internal staff regarding the substance and impact of legal and judicial changes, as well as the responsibilities on the part of ESIS and our clients.

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Industry Conferences

We’d love to connect with you at these industry conferences.

Date Conference Location
May 19-20 Atlanta RIMS Atlanta
June 13-15 Bermuda Captives Conference Bermuda
June 27-29 Western Region Captive Insurance  Conference Las Vegas
July 26-30 Florida RIMS Naples, FL
August 1-4 DMEC Annual Conference Denver
August 8-11 Vermont Captives Conference Burlington
August 21-24 WCI360 Orlando

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