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Pioneers in the world of sophisticated risk and claim management solutions

We provide services that are backed by years of claims experience and expertise, which position us uniquely within the marketplace. However, it is not just our breadth of services that sets us apart, but the way we deliver them. This commitment is what drives us and is at the heart of every claim we handle.

We take pride in our ability to respond to a variety of situations with respect and fairness. This "human touch" is one of our greatest strengths, yet we understand that it is not enough to rely solely on our past successes. That's why we constantly strive to incorporate the latest analytics and technology to help our clients develop meaningful claim strategies and to help mitigate risks, enhancing our services and ensuring that we stay at the cutting edge of our industry.

“Protecting our clients' brand and reputation has always been at the heart of every claim we manage."

Jim Shevlin, President of ESIS

Meet Leadership

Our executives possess years of industry experience and expertise in key risk management disciplines.

Unwavering commitment to client service for more than 70 years