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James Shevlin

Jim Shevlin

Division President of ESIS, A Chubb Company
James Shevlin

Suresh Krishnan

Chief Operating Officer, ESIS

Eric Burtis

Senior Vice President, Claims, ESIS, A Chubb Company

Sharon Scott

Senior Vice President, Medical Programs, ESIS

Vasantha Prammagnanam

Chief Information Officer (CIO), ESIS

Kerry Andersen

Senior Vice President, Partnership Services, ESIS, A Chubb Company

Kevin Crossan

Senior Vice President, Industry Practice Leader, ESIS, A Chubb Company

Todd DeStefano

Senior Vice President, Business Leader of ESIS ProClaim, ESIS

Aldo Guerrero

Senior Vice President, Sales, ESIS, A Chubb Company

Stephen Craig

Senior Vice President and Managing Director, ESIS Health Safety and Environmental (ESIS HSE), ESIS