This year ESIS celebrates a corporate milestone grounded in our passion to help optimize client risk management and claims operations with the most efficient processes and service solutions. The ESIS legacy reflects our promise to serve clients' risk management and claims administration needs with professionalism, urgency and integrity within an evolving culture that embraces diversity, equality, and inclusion. Our values, upon which the organization has been built, provide a strong foundation for continued growth in offering expertise and insight for clients to manage a range of risks and realize greater cost efficiencies. 


Everything we do at ESIS is designed to help businesses and their stakeholders manage claims with efficiency and clarity. Our claims professionals have years of experience and know how to respond to a variety of situations with respect and with fairness. As a supplement to the ESIS human touch, we strive to incorporate the latest analytics and technology to help mitigate risks. Long story short, we deliver on our promises!

ESIS, A Chubb Company
"Protecting our client's brand and reputation will remain at the heart of every claim we manage from start to finish."

Jim Shevlin, President of ESIS


ESIS' Areas of Expertise

ESIS, a leading multi-line Third-Party Administrator (TPA), serves Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 clients across its North American platform, and is licensed in 50 states and Canadian provinces. For seventy years, ESIS has been recognized as a pioneer in workers’ compensation and general liability claims processing. Through progressive growth in serving client needs, ESIS core programs now span the full spectrum of casualty insurance risks, medical malpractice, litigation management and integrated risk advisory services.

Workers Compensation

Comprehensive approach to manage workers’ compensation claims with innovative solutions and risk management strategies for streamlined cost efficiencies and quality employee health outcomes. 

General and Product Liability
Quality general liability, and product liability bodily injury claims management services that cover general liability needs, including protection from the high cost of alleged professional mistakes that cause third-party financial losses.
ESIS Integrated Absence Management

An innovative approach to risk mitigation and prevention for clients to establish a conducive work environment that can create businesses efficiencies and reduce costs associated with lost productivity due to employee absence. 

ESIS Industry Practices

Dedicated practice leaders with in-depth industry knowledge encompassing sector-specific exposures, coverage alternatives and claims management strategies impacting clients’ potential business liabilities inherent with the costs of risk.  


Auto Liability

A collaborative approach to handling auto liability bodily injury claims through a team of specialists experienced in the area of physical damage management. 

ESIS Medical Impact

Claims services implementing medical care programs that leverage the expertise of clinical professionals and resources to deliver the highest quality of care to improve injured worker health and rehabilitation. 

ESIS Specialty Claims

High-severity, complex claims administration and risk management solutions for professional and general liability, property, auto, cyber and environmental liability risks.  


Chubb Global Risk Advisors

A deep roster of specialty consultants with expertise in property and casualty engineering, health, safety and environmental risk, advancing clients’ adherence to sound risk management, regulatory compliance and sustainability objectives to optimize bottom line financial results.  

ESIS Values and Culture

Our core values and strong culture continue to serve as the foundation for our commitment to providing exceptional outcomes for our clients now and in the future. 

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Urgency
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Unwavering commitment to client service for more than 70 years