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ESIS Implementation

We recently enhanced our implementation process to help smooth your transition and truly elevate your client experience.

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Digital Workbench

Access/utilize tools for managing and exchanging data, enabling you to make more informed business decisions.

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Global RiskAdvantage® (GRA)

Effectively manage detail-level reports, customizable dashboards, and claim-specific information with our intuitive application.

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Quarterly Program Review (QPR)

Work with your ESIS Partnership Leader to examine processes and trends, identify improvement opportunities, and help implement loss cost reduction initiatives.

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GRA OSHA & Safety Management

Save time, improve data quality, and link loss experiences with preventative measures.


Quickly and conveniently gain access to workers compensation claim information through your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Quickly and easily report an incident or accident to ESIS, initiating rapid mobilization of crucial risk management resources.

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ESIS examines trends to help reduce claim frequency, improve closure rates, and achieve better outcomes.

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ESIS Achievement Academy

Ensuring superior customer service delivery through continual education, expertise, and knowledge-sharing.

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