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ESIS’ ADA solution helps eliminate administrative burdens by working with employers to create a streamlined process and engage employees in the interactive procedure required under the ADA. Our distinct service approach includes a comprehensive single-source intake process, medical documentation, and robust ADA accommodation analyses. Whether your needs are for modified duty, work station modification, or leave, our process results in a well-thought-out and detailed recommendation to support your employees’ accommodation requirements from start to finish.

Solution highlights include the following:

  • Our capabilities consist of full administration for ADA/ADAAA or tracking of the interactive process
  • An intuitive intake process through telephonic, web, or mobile applications, including employer and employee access portals
  • Re-certification of absence at an agreed-upon time
  • Coordination and transition with other benefits, as needed
  • Centralized information management system that tracks and documents each step in the employee accommodation process
  • Extensive documentation storage and robust recordkeeping

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