ESIS Specialty provides Accident & Health third party administration (TPA) claim solutions that are customized to deliver the highest quality of service to our partners including Insurance Carriers, MGA’s, London Markets and Self-Insureds.   

We realize that every claimant has experienced a unique event which impacts them and their family. We respond in a way that delivers on the promises made by the policy.  When a claim is made we want to ensure that: our processes are as simple as possible, our claim examiners assist claimants in every aspect of the claim process, and we find ways to pay legitimate claims as soon as we can.

We have deep A&H expertise in many different industries including financial institutions and bank card issuers, the leisure and business travel industry, manufacturers and retailers, associations and employer groups and loyalty programs.  

When it comes to A&H claims, our support goes beyond the mere processing of claims. We embrace each claim with absolute commitment to support our clients’ members through difficult times. We go above and beyond to provide fast and accurate claims decisions, delivered with empathy and expertise.