Get to Know Kevin Sheehan

Focused on addressing the claims and risk management needs of real estate owners, property managers, and hospitality clients, including casinos, hotels, and restaurants, ESIS’ Real Estate and Hospitality (REH) Industry Practice works in tandem with clients to optimize outcomes. Led by Kevin Sheehan since 2016, this practice is well-versed in the language of property ownership and management and has a deep well of expertise when it comes to navigating the nuances of complicated and unique claims. Kevin shares his insights about this segment of the industry, as well as what it takes for an REH practice to succeed, below.

How did you start your career in the insurance industry?

A family friend invited me to come in for an interview right after college. He ran an independent insurance adjusting firm, and I decided to give it a go; little did either of us know that 30 years later I’d still be at it.

The lessons I learned in that role continue to serve me well to this day. Back then, we met with people in their homes, allowing us to adjust claims in a very personal way. We also took great pride in handling claims the right way. Relationships ran deep, and we took a lot of pride in treating all people with respect. These values are still with me today.

What separates ESIS’s REH Practice from others in the industry?

Much like the way I learned to manage claims growing up in the industry, ESIS does things the right way. We are very disciplined, and we think things through. This serves our customers in a number of ways, and clients can rest assured that ESIS will take the time to get to know them, their program, and their needs, and we focus on making good decisions – the right decisions – to help them optimize outcomes.

What else drives the success of your practice?

We carefully select the ESIS staff who work in REH. First, we must understand the types of claims clients in the real estate and hospitality sector have. We have staff with specific expertise in premises and garage keeper liability claims, for example. The next key point is clients in the space are close to their customers, in many instances value customer service in their own day to day operations. We need to mirror that approach. This is what drives our practice.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing the REH Practice today?

The real estate and hospitality industries have been deeply affected by the pandemic. Not only do clients have to do more with less, their business models have been challenged in some fundamental ways. We have a responsibility to provide our clients with first class service and go the extra mile to make their insurance program is successful. 

Lightning Round

Get to know Kevin Sheehan, ESIS REH Industry Practice Leader.

Years in the industry: 30+

Years with ESIS: 13

Hometown: Campbell Hall, NY

What he doesn’t leave the house without: Remembering to drive safely!

The best advice he ever got: “Be humble, treat people well, do the right thing.”

Final Thoughts

" Clients can rest assured that ESIS will take the time to get to know them, their program, and their needs, and we focus on making good decisions – the right decisions – to help them optimize outcomes. "

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To learn more about the ESIS REH Industry Practice, reach out to Kevin Sheehan at kevin.sheehan@esis.com or (212) 827-3898.

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