Get to Know Chris

When it comes to providing third party administrator (TPA) services to healthcare facilities – from hospitals and urgent care centers to nursing and home health agencies – claim professionals and risk consultants need specialized healthcare experience so that they can support clients how and when they need it. This expertise is exactly what the ESIS Healthcare Practice provides, and that goes all the way to the top. Chris White, who serves as ESIS Healthcare Industry Practice Leader, brings more than 17 years of healthcare insurance experience to the position. Chris shares some of his insights into what makes the ESIS Healthcare Practice so strong below.

How did you get your start in insurance and how did that lead to the ESIS Healthcare Industry Practice?

I’ve been in the property and casualty insurance industry for more than 25 years, with experience ranging from senior case manager at a large insurer, to workers’ compensation claims manager at a global manufacturer, to Partnership Leader at ESIS. It was at ESIS that I was first able to completely immerse myself in healthcare and it has remained a cornerstone of my career. It’s also worth noting that when I came to ESIS, one of my largest accounts was a major healthcare organization – and they remain our client today.

What sets the ESIS Healthcare Practice apart from other industry practices?

As a TPA, we know very well that different industries have different expectations and preferences when it comes to managing claims. We’ve built a team that not only can hit the ground running on every claim with knowledge of the nuances and issues that impact their industry, but that can also customize a program to meet the unique requirements of a particular client. Additionally, flexibility is the key in the healthcare space. For example, when employees at healthcare organizations are injured, treatment is often provided in-house, without delay. At the same time, they need us to be ready to “plug in” other services when and where they need us.

Employee advocacy is another commonality across our entire Healthcare portfolio. It’s a common thread that exists with every healthcare client I’ve encountered. In some industries, clients can be skeptical of injured workers, but you just don’t see that in the healthcare space to the same degree Healthcare employers tend to be very protective of their workers and want to make sure they are receiving the best service and care possible when hurt on the job.

What are some of the most common claims scenarios your Healthcare Practice encounters?

This is a unique industry in that we see many exposures that just don’t exist in other spaces. For example, needle sticks are something that our healthcare providers deal with and, unfortunately, they’re fairly common. Luckily, most cases tend to be low severity claims, but there is the possibility that someone could be exposed to tuberculosis or HIV. It’s a very serious concern for healthcare workers.

Our healthcare clients are also confronted with patient handling injuries and emerging trends involving moving bariatric patients. We also encounter claims related to combative patients. When a patient becomes agitated, a nurse may have to restrain them, and that can lead to injuries.

What do you want clients to know about the ESIS Healthcare Practice?

That we offer a full range of integrated, tailored services for healthcare facilities that includes not only claim management, but also risk control solutions that focus on the specific needs of these facilities – from slip and fall prevention and industrial hygiene monitoring to patient safety assessments and medical investigations. We also specialize in managing highly complex medical malpractice claims. With this depth of experience, we implicitly understand our clients’ challenges and frustrations. After all, I am a former client. I've been with ESIS for the last 17 years, but prior to that, I managed the North American workers comp program for a very large manufacturing company. I've sat on that side of the table, and I tend to see things through the lens of a customer, which has naturally made me an advocate on their behalf. 

Lightning Round

Years in the industry: 25+

Years with ESIS: 17

Hometown: Collegeville, PA

What he doesn’t leave the house without: “Country music!”

The best advice he ever got: “My mother always told me that hard work pays off.”

Final Thoughts

" We’ve built a team that not only can hit the ground running on every claim with knowledge of the nuances and issues that impact this industry, but that can also customize a program to meet the unique requirements of a particular client. "

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To learn more about the ESIS Healthcare Industry Practice, reach out to Chris White at christopher.white2@esis.com or (215) 519-3849.    

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